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Anonymous: I don't understand why my gain hasn't stopped. I recently calculated my BMI and it's in the "morbidly obese" range. Before my ed I was much slimmer. This can't possibly be my set point, is it?


It could be, however it’s more likely that you are experiencing an overshoot. RuthieND, who has recently stopped posting to Tumblr because she wanted to move on, went up to a BMI of 30, before tapering back down to a BMI of 26. 

Anonymous: I recovered a year ago by the Minnie Maud method and I just wanted to say that you are doing amazing things. You will be remembered. Don't let the hate get to you.


Thank you so much.

Truer than true

Anonymous: I always think about food. It's like my entire day is about food. I wake up looking forward to breakfast and am very impatient for lunch. I want to eat all day, but I'm not hungry. It almost feels as if I want to eat out of boredom??? Should I just eat? My parents don't understand why this happens and just dismisses it as 'you're just addicted to food' and tell me to tell myself that I already ate and I don't need anymore


It’s because your body is starving so it is consistently sending signals at you to eat. Respond to it. Your body will start to trust you again if you respond to it and you can work with it to become healthier and happier. Pretty much everyone with eating disorders and those in recovery from them have food preoccupation - it is a symptom of starvation. It’s logical: you’re starving, your body needs lots of food desperately, so it continues to tell you this over and over again. Listen to it.

Anonymous: I don't really believe in that whole "everyone is beautiful" thing. Not everyone is beautiful, and I most certainly don't always look pretty. How do I accept myself without thinking about my looks? All my life, my parents have always pointed out the flaws in my appearance, and I'm like "Okay, so maybe I can't be a supermodel" but that realization still bothers me a lot, because I'm so used to equating my worth with how I look.


Meh, I dunno. Everyone is beautiful to someone. Beauty is completely subjective. Also, beauty isn’t just about looks alone. I mean, people always go on about inner beauty, but I’m not talking about that right now. I mean that there are guys who I have not thought were physically attractive at first. Then, when I got to know them, suddenly I found them really physically attractive as well. I have literally fallen in love with someone I didn’t immediately find physically attractive, and then after I knew him, I started finding him super attractive, and since then I’ve always found him attractive, even years after not being together. It’s weird. Like if you find someone’s personality attractive you can actually find them physically attractive even if you didn’t before.

I think that’s important to remember. Yeah, you are going to be attractive to some people and not to others. Who you are is also really, really important.

But also, fuck “being attractive” too. Like, life isn’t all about that. It’s not about being attractive for the opposite sex, or the same sex, or whatever. It’s about being happy with who you are and going out and enjoying your life and doing what makes you happy and what you are passionate about. 

Your parents also suck. Have you told them about how it makes you feel to have what they perceive as your physical flaws pointed out in that way?

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Anonymous: What if normal healthy person doesn't naturally reach minimums? Does that mean they have an eating disorder or something is wrong?


They will reach around that amount. There are people who won’t for a variety of reasons, but those people will have messed up hunger cues due to some reason or another. Everyone who is healthy, energy-balanced, and non-ED will reach around minimums naturally. 

Anonymous: Yesterday I ate sooo much outside of my mealplan. I probably had about 7,000 calories maybe even more. I know this is probably extreme hunger but it's scaring me. I feel like I need to restrict my food today to make up for the amount I ate yesterday. I just need to know if it's normal to have a day where you eat like 5-6 moderate meals like i did yesterday. I also had cookies and icecream which is a huge fear. Ugh im just scared. Any advice?


Yep, that’s extreme hunger alright. What you need to do is respond to it. Restricting in retaliation will just keep that extreme hunger there. You have to let your body do its thing, use that energy to help you heal, and then once it has made the most major repairs and doesn’t need so much energy anymore, your hunger will normalise. 

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